Now all movement has come to rest, space takes on a different meaning in color.

Creation, creation is like a breath. A breath, a silence and a self
exhalation, with another silence. In this movement of breathing is
the natural process visible from the cycle: the rising, and the perfecting
Then the dissolving.

Listening with the ear of the heart is the first long pause.
There follows a wait patiently. Nothing wants to be caught in shape.
The will to creation is different from that which manifests itself through creation.
This requires constant vigilance in who or what
to act is turned on.

Much work is created from the realm of 'I want' ...
But when space is given to the area which is located between them, that which is between
inhalation and exhalation - that even nothing - it shows himself a freedom
leads to creation.

Is sensible to wait in the awareness of the silent emptiness are.
Here it is not about results, products or opinions.
It's either there or it is not.